This post is going to be a bit complex, addressing a number of diverse issues.

First, the more I listen to the news, the more I am convinced that liberalism is a mental illness.  Case in point #1: the Mayor of New York is suing big oil companies for causing global warming.  Case in point #2:  former President Obama says that those who watch Fox News live in a different world.  Case in point #3:  a liberal woman, with whom I frequently debate, likes to label all conservative Christians as “alt-right” and says that Christians are anti-science and believe a myth.

The Mayor of New York, Bill DeBlasio, should spend the taxpayer’s money more wisely than paying lawyers to pursue this lawsuit.  The lawsuit is frivolous because there is no empirical evidence that burning fossil fuels causes global warming or climate change.  All that the warmists have are poorly constructed correlations between the increase in human CO2 emissions and some warming of the planet.  To infer causation from a correlation, the cause must precede the effect, i.e. the rise in CO2 must precede the rise in global temperature.  The data on which the wamists base their theory was shown on a poorly constructed time line that seemed to show what they are professing.  This data was obtained from ice core studies.  But when the timeline is constructed to better show the timing of events, it shows that the warming preceded the rise in CO2 by 800 years.  The warmists continue to ignore the fact that there has been no significant warming in almost 20 years.  Ignored is other scientific studies that project we may be in a little ice age by 2050.  Ignored are the scientific studies that show solar activity being the major driver of weather and climate.  Ignored is the fact that climate has been changing naturally since the existence of the earth and a climate.  Ignored is the fact that extreme weather events are not abnormal but have been occurring for hundreds of years.  Ignored is the fact that the frequency and strength of hurricanes hitting the U.S. has been declining.  Ignored is the fact that tornado counts are declining.  Ignored is the fact that forest fires are declining and the acreage destroyed by fires is declining.  Ignored is the fact that some glaciers have been receding since long before the increase in CO2 and ice in the Arctic and Anarctic is actually growing.  Ignored is the fact that polar bear populations are growing and not declining.  And, sea level rise is not abmormally fast but has been consistent for a hundred years. Yes, recent events get a lot of coverage from the media, but that does not make them unprecedented.

Regarding case in point #2, Obama just disparaged a major voting block in the U.S.  Fox is more balanced in its coverage than CNN, PBS, or the major networks.  Yes, Fox is definitely leaning to the right, but at least they make an honest attempt to present both sides of the political spectrum,  CNN, on the other hand, devotes 98% of its coverage to anti-Trump news and commentary, with only a token representation of conservative view.  CNN is no longer a news agency but a political operative of the left.  I used to watch CNN and NBC but no longer.  It sickens me the one can turn to CNN any time of day and there will be nothing but anti-Trump programming.  CNN is so eager to present anti-Trump news that they do not vet stories and end up presenting false information as true.  Trump’s characterization of CNN as “fake news” is appropriate.

Regarding case in point #3,  Christians are not anti-science.  There is nothing in Christian belief that is inconsistent with science.  In fact, it seems that the more we learn in scientific study, the more we see that science confirms what the Bible says.  In areas where there may appear to be a conflict, I only say that our science is not complete.  There is more to learn.  In evidence I would call attention to the amazing amount of order in our universe.  Without such order, science would be impossible.  It is that orderliness that allowed our scientists to send man to the moon and return.  It is that orderliness that allows science to discover cures for diseases and medicines to relieve suffering.  It is that orderliness that has allowed all of our technological advances from automobiles, fuels, to microwave ovens, computers and cell phones.  Our technology could not exist without the orderliness of the universe.  That orderliness extends to DNA, the fundamental building block of all life on the planet.  The human body is an amazing feat of engineering design that the best scientific minds have not been able to replicate, yet the DNA code creates consistent life forms continuously.  To think that our world is an accident of a big bang rather than intelligent design is illogical.  It is equivalent to believing you can put a bunch of monkeys in a room full of typewriters and expect to eventually get the declaration of independence.

Labeling Christian conservatives as alt-right is an ignorant thing.  Alt-right has a specific meaning that does not fit Christian conservatives.  Whoever tries to label Christians as alt-right needs to do some research to find out what the term means.  I am Christian conservative and not alt-right.



I watch with dismay, the news coverage of Donald Trump in recent days.  It is clear that the media is doing their best to take down Trump to prevent him from getting the GOP nod and winning the election for President.  Take the most recent flap regarding abortion.  It has been a media feeding frenzy trying to paint Trump as some kind of anti-woman monster or ill-prepared dummy pretending to be qualified to be a presidential candidate.  The truth of the matter is that Trump was set up to answer the way he did.  One could get almost anyone to answer in a specific way by structuring the sequence and rapidity of questions, because the sequence and rapidity prepares the mind to follow a pattern.  Note that Matthews asked the more general question of whether there should be punishment for the hypothetical crime of abortion.  Trump, being a law & order believer, said yes, there should be punishment for the commission of the crime, to which Matthews quickly said for women?  Trump’s mind was already programmed to think of punishment for the crime and without thinking said yes.  The structure and rapidity of the questioning programmed Trump to respond in that manner.

It is also laughable that the media would try to portray Trump as anti-woman by going back to some of the things he has said about and to some of the women who have attacked him. The few comments that are on the record now do not make him anti-woman.  The comments made about Carly Fiorina were not made in a public manner but in private.  Therefore it does not rise to the level of an attack.  The comment about Megyn Kelly were responses part of the on-going feud he had with her.  She attacked first and he responded.  His feud with Rosey O’Donnell is well documented.  His comments, therefore, were not against women in general but directed toward specific women who had attacked him.  He has consistently demonstrated that he respects women, but this does not get much press attention because it does not fit the media agenda.  He puts women in high positions in his organization.  He hired a young, black, female, on-the-spot, at an event last week.  A terminally ill woman made it a point to go to the town hall in which he appeared so that she could express her appreciation for the care and concern he expressed to her in her time of need.

It is also laughable that women want to have equality with men but then want to use their womanhood to protect themselves from barbs that men may throw their way.  That is hypocritical.  Women spend lots of money to look good, even sexy.  They get their hair styled.  They paint their faces to accent the eyes or lips,.  They wear shorter and tighter dresses and skirts with high heels to accent their legs.  They lift up their breasts or show cleavage to accent same.  Then, they get offended when men point out how good they look or comment that their looks may have given them an advantage in some way.

It was reported in the media that Hillary claims that world leaders are calling her expressing their fear that Trump could become president.  Could that be true?  I suppose it could because Trump is saying he would take away their candy, e.g. the billions and trillions of dollars they make off the U.S. in trade imbalances, foreign aid, NATO funding, etc.  Trump is rightly saying we are getting ripped off in a big way on the world stage and that it has to stop given that our national debt is $19 trillion and climbing.

Again, it is clear that the media are trying to take Trump down by blowing small things way out of proportion.  I would agree that Trump is not a polished politician.  But that is what is refreshing about him.  He has the knowledge and skills to renew the greatness of America.