I have just been watching CNN New day and the interview Alisyn Camerota had with Dr. Ben Carson.  The background to this is that CNN attempted to investigate whether Carson’s story about being a violent youth was true.  The investigators could not find anyone who would or could corroborated Carson’s accounts of violent outbursts.  In this morning’s interview, Carson accused CNN and other liberal media of trying to create a distraction to bring down candidates they oppose politically and ideologically.  Alisyn Camerota defended CNN’s investigation and reports on grounds that CNN was merely attempting to “vet” Dr. Carson as they vet all other candidates.  The interview was a good 30 minutes long and was less of an interview than it was a debate over the bias and intent of CNN.  Dr. Carson was quite strong in his push back against CNN as was Ms. Camerota in her defense of CNN.  But, I believe Dr. Carson had the best showing in the debate.  He said, if CNN was so objective then why is it that anyone who watches CNN has no doubt as to which side of the political spectrum they fall.

Despite Camerota’s assurances that CNN is merely trying to objectively vet Dr. Carson as it vets others, today’s New Day show was clearly an attempt to bring down Dr. Carson.  Rather than simply report that they could not find anyone who would confirm Dr. Carson’s accounts of violence, they went on and on about their failure to confirm the stories to imply that Dr. Carson must be lying about his violent past.  Not only was the interview 30 minutes of Camerota arguing with Dr. Carson about CNN’s bias, but there was at least 30 more minutes of the New Day panel analyzing what Dr. Carson said, none of it positive.  All that was implied in the interview and analysis is that Carson must be lying or trying to hide something.  If CNN was so objective, then why was so much time spent trying to discredit Dr. Carson?

CNN’s bias was clearly evident in today’s show.  They are not just reporting but are attempting to change opinion.

Dr. Carson’s position is that CNN and other liberal media should simply report accurately what was said by candidates rather than trying to interpret what they said.  The public is intelligent enough to make their own interpretations.  They do not need the media trying to tell them how to think.