I watch with dismay, the news coverage of Donald Trump in recent days.  It is clear that the media is doing their best to take down Trump to prevent him from getting the GOP nod and winning the election for President.  Take the most recent flap regarding abortion.  It has been a media feeding frenzy trying to paint Trump as some kind of anti-woman monster or ill-prepared dummy pretending to be qualified to be a presidential candidate.  The truth of the matter is that Trump was set up to answer the way he did.  One could get almost anyone to answer in a specific way by structuring the sequence and rapidity of questions, because the sequence and rapidity prepares the mind to follow a pattern.  Note that Matthews asked the more general question of whether there should be punishment for the hypothetical crime of abortion.  Trump, being a law & order believer, said yes, there should be punishment for the commission of the crime, to which Matthews quickly said for women?  Trump’s mind was already programmed to think of punishment for the crime and without thinking said yes.  The structure and rapidity of the questioning programmed Trump to respond in that manner.

It is also laughable that the media would try to portray Trump as anti-woman by going back to some of the things he has said about and to some of the women who have attacked him. The few comments that are on the record now do not make him anti-woman.  The comments made about Carly Fiorina were not made in a public manner but in private.  Therefore it does not rise to the level of an attack.  The comment about Megyn Kelly were responses part of the on-going feud he had with her.  She attacked first and he responded.  His feud with Rosey O’Donnell is well documented.  His comments, therefore, were not against women in general but directed toward specific women who had attacked him.  He has consistently demonstrated that he respects women, but this does not get much press attention because it does not fit the media agenda.  He puts women in high positions in his organization.  He hired a young, black, female, on-the-spot, at an event last week.  A terminally ill woman made it a point to go to the town hall in which he appeared so that she could express her appreciation for the care and concern he expressed to her in her time of need.

It is also laughable that women want to have equality with men but then want to use their womanhood to protect themselves from barbs that men may throw their way.  That is hypocritical.  Women spend lots of money to look good, even sexy.  They get their hair styled.  They paint their faces to accent the eyes or lips,.  They wear shorter and tighter dresses and skirts with high heels to accent their legs.  They lift up their breasts or show cleavage to accent same.  Then, they get offended when men point out how good they look or comment that their looks may have given them an advantage in some way.

It was reported in the media that Hillary claims that world leaders are calling her expressing their fear that Trump could become president.  Could that be true?  I suppose it could because Trump is saying he would take away their candy, e.g. the billions and trillions of dollars they make off the U.S. in trade imbalances, foreign aid, NATO funding, etc.  Trump is rightly saying we are getting ripped off in a big way on the world stage and that it has to stop given that our national debt is $19 trillion and climbing.

Again, it is clear that the media are trying to take Trump down by blowing small things way out of proportion.  I would agree that Trump is not a polished politician.  But that is what is refreshing about him.  He has the knowledge and skills to renew the greatness of America.