If I had any respect for Mitt Romney, I lost it all today, after hearing the vicious way in which he attacked Donald Trump.  Romney said he was not running for anything, but it seems clear to me that he is trying to set himself up to be the savior of the GOP at a brokered convention.  Notice that he encouraged people to vote for the other candidates to prevent Trump from getting enough delegates to win the nomination.  He did not say rally behind one candidate so that candidate would win instead of Trump.  No, he wants people to vote for all the other candidates, to spread the votes around, so that a brokered convention is assured.  Only in a brokered convention could he have a chance to be nominated.  Romney’s ulterior motive is what is behind this speech.  He has to savage Trump to try and take him down so he can he can be the savior of the GOP.

The establishment GOP are in a panic now.  Trump is winning, and their boy Rubio is losing.  Cruz is not their second choice.  I believe there has been a back-room deal between the establishment GOP and Mitt Romney, to draft Mitt at the convention, if he can effectively take down Trump and assure a brokered convention.

Romney does not know what is in Trump’s tax records, nor does he even have a hint of what is there.  All he is doing is sowing seeds of doubt.  As a man who is supposedly a person of strong faith, this malicious “false witness” against Trump says more about Romney’s character than it says about Trump.

Trump’s characterization of Romney is spot on.  Romney ran a very poor campaign when he was the nominee.  The poor character he is showing now, will not endear many grassroots Republicans to him.  If Romney is successful in taking down Trump, it is almost assured that Hillary will become President.  Trump will likely regroup and continue his bid for the White House as an independent, siphoning votes from the GOP.  The establishment GOP and Mitt Romney are going to ruin the Republican Party by trying to frustrate the will of the electorate.  It is sad, but after this election, there may not be a Republican Party of any significance.