I just read an article by Terrence Jeffries reporting that the Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coats, just submitted a threat assessment to the Senate Armed Services Committee stating the following about climate change:

Environment and Climate Change

The impacts of the long-term trends toward a warming climate, more air pollution, biodiversity loss, and water scarcity are likely to fuel economic and social discontent—and possibly upheaval—through 2018.

  • The past 115 years have been the warmest period in the history of modern civilization, and the past few years have been the warmest years on record. Extreme weather events in a warmer world have the potential for greater impacts and can compound with other drivers to raise the risk of humanitarian disasters, conflict, water and food shortages, population migration, labor shortfalls, price shocks, and power outages. Research has not identified indicators of tipping points in climate-linked earth systems, suggesting a possibility of abrupt climate change.
  • Worsening air pollution from forest burning, agricultural waste incineration, urbanization, and rapid industrialization—with increasing public awareness—might drive protests against authorities, such as those recently in China, India, and Iran.
  • Accelerating biodiversity and species loss—driven by pollution, warming, unsustainable fishing, and acidifying oceans—will jeopardize vital ecosystems that support critical human systems. Recent estimates suggest that the current extinction rate is 100 to 1,000 times the natural extinction rate.
  • Water scarcity, compounded by gaps in cooperative management agreements for nearly half of the world’s international river basins, and new unilateral dam development are likely to heighten tension between countries.

Director Coats should be fired for publishing such rubbish.  First, the DNI is getting its climate projections from the U.N.’s IPCC, which has been known to not be reliable.  The IPCC routinely rejects accurate data that shows the earth is not warming and continues to present the false narrative of a dangerously warming planet.  NOAA and NASA routinely adjust temperature measurement data to make it show warming.  The earth has warmed about .06º C over a decade.  But that is not an earth shaking increase nor is it outside the range of natural variability, according to a number of experienced meteorologists.  A warming earth is good for the planet.  Animals, generally, do better.  Humans do better, and plant life flourishes.

Catastrophic weather events have not been on the increase, nor are they getting stronger, but just the opposite.  We have seen a decline in hurricanes of cat 3 strength or larger, a decline in severe tornados, a decline in drought, and a decline in forest fires.  Catastrophic weather events may seem worse but it is due to the media coverage rather than the event itself.  None of the events of the recent past has been unprecedented.  Our meteorological and geological history tells us they have happened in the past.  Any warming we have seen has been from natural forces, such as El Ninos, El Ninas, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Solar activity, etc.  The biggest problem that can be on the horizon, it seems, is that we are likely heading into a period of global cooling that could thrust us into a deep freeze within a decade or two.  Cold kills more people than hot weather.  Cold shortens growing seasons for food crops.  Cold taxes our energy grid substantially.

The Little Ice Age officially ended in 1860, a little over a 150 years ago.  Certainly, we have warmed since then, because of an active Sun.  It was to be expected.  We have gone through a number of ice ages and warmed up in between, often warmer than we are now, and with much higher levels of CO2.  That warming did not cause catastrophe but helped the earth to flourish again.

A number of scientists are now warning that the Sun is showing indications that it is going into its cyclic period of low activity.  This means we will be getting colder, perhaps for an extended period of time.  But such events are beyond our control, just as climate changing is beyond our control.  There is no empirical evidence that climate change or global warming is caused by CO2.  CO2 is not the magic control knob that we can use to control the climate or the weather.  Weather and climate are the result of a multitude of natural forces, none of which we can control.  Anyone who says differently is lying.



Warmists are trying to make the case that recent storms are worse than in the past by using the dollar value of the destruction that was caused.   The high dollar amount of the destruction is not an indication of the level of the destructive forces of the storm, but more a reflection of the nature of the property being destroyed.  Because of the scenic value and desirability of beachfront properly, beachfront property has been in high demand.  As a result, property values have gone higher and higher with the areas built up with expensive homes and businesses.  When these beachfront properties are densely populated, it does not take much of a storm to create billions of dollars of destruction.

One article, recently published said that it was now possible to link specific extreme weather events to global warming/climate change because climate models have become better.  The problem with climate models is that they are programmed with the assumptions of the persons doing the “research.”  If it is assumed that human emissions of CO2 is  driving climate change, which, in turn, is driving extreme weather events, then that is what the climate models will show.  The climate models keep getting tweaked until they show what the “researchers” want it to show.

Yes, we have had some strong hurricanes in the recent past.  However, they were not unprecedented.  Those who track such things, tell us that hurricane seasons are getting milder and milder.  There have been more destructive hurricanes in the past, in times before CO2 emissions became an issue.  The hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas in 1900 comes to mind.  It was so strong it broke the measuring instruments, and killed 8000 – 12000 people.

The facts are that polar ice caps are growing, not receding.  The total area destroyed by forest fires is declining, not growing.  Ocean levels are not rising at an unusual rate.  Tornado counts are declining. And the earth has not shown a warming trend for the past 20 years.  This last fact is even now recognized by NASA.  Some scientists are now, again, predicting a little ice age beginning as early as 2030..  Yet, another “scientist” is predicting that a 2 degree centigrade increase in global temperature will cause the earth to become a desert wasteland by 2050.   As many scientists are saying a 2 degree increase in temperature is not likely from CO2 alone and will not be catastrophic.  Plants flourish in warmer temperatures and higher CO2 levels.  Animal life will adapt, as it always has in the past.  Previous interglacial periods got much warmer, and animal life did quite well.  More areas of the earth became habitable, animal life prospered, and there was plenty of food in the food chain.



32 Reasons for not believing in Anthropogenic Climate Change and the doomsday narrative

1. The mechanism of how CO2 adds warmth to the earth, as explained by the warmists, is not consistent with known science and, in fact, violates known principles of science, such as the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
2. There is no empirical evidence that links man-made CO2 to climate changes. The only thing the warmists have are computer models that are programmed with the warming bias.
3. The only way NASA and NOAA can get temperature measurements to show global warming is to alter the data. That is not science. It is fraud.
4. In January 2015, NASA admitted that there was no warming trend for 15 years. Then, it altered the data to show a warming trend.
5. The claims of NASA and NOAA that 14 of the warmest years on record occurred after 2000, were based on altered data, not actual measurements.
6. NASA and NOAA once claimed that satellite data were the most accurate but now reject satellite data because it does not reflect the narrative they want to present.
7. After rejecting satellite measurements, NASA and NOAA turned to ground-based measuring stations, which only cover about 30% of the earth and are subject to warming bias due to their location. Many are located in urban areas where heat from vehicular traffic and heat retained by concrete, asphalt and brick influence the measurements.
8. Temperatures of the 70% of the earth not covered by ground-based measuring stations are not actual measurements but numbers inferred (guesstimates).
9. Predictions of dire consequences by 2015 resulting from global warming have not occurred. New York city was not totally flooded, Miami was not wiped out, Las Vegas was not abandoned, the polar ice caps did not disappear, sea levels did not rise 4 feet, gasoline prices did not get to $9 a gallon, and milk prices did not rise to $13 a gallon. Yet, man-made CO2 has not been reduced.
10. Sea ice is not disappearing but growing faster and thicker.
11. Polar ice caps are growing, not receding.
12. Sea levels have been rising slowly for hundreds of years for reasons unknown to scientists. There has been no change in the rate of sea level increases.
13. Ice core studies show that during the interglacial periods, temperature rose first and then CO2 levels rose about 800 years later. That is consistent with the known science that warmer temperatures cause the seas to release CO2 into the atmosphere. From a cause and effect standpoint, one could infer that the warming caused the rise in CO2, not the other way around.
14. Human-caused CO2 is only .00016% of the atmosphere. All CO2, natural and man-made, is only .04% of the atmosphere.
15. The dominant greenhouse gas is water vapor at .95% of the atmosphere (less than 1%). The greenhouse gases act to keep the earth cool by filtering the sun’s radiation. Greenhouse gases do not create more warmth. The presence of water vapor in clouds at night serves to slow cooling after the sun goes down. Greenhouse gases do not “trap” heat of the earth but only slows cooling.
16. Historical records show that extreme weather events have not become more frequent or more severe. It just appears that they have because of the 24hour news cycle we have now and the penchant of the media to hype the event.
17. Many of the extreme weather phenomena have been attributed to El Niño or La Niña, both of which are unrelated to increased CO2.
18. Daily weather forecasts are often as much as 5 degrees off from what actually occurs. If the computers cannot predict with accuracy what the next day’s temperatures will be, how can they predict with accuracy what will happen over the next 50 or 100 years?
19. CO2 is not a pollutant!! It is essential for all life on the planet, and an essential building block for all plant life, on which we depend.
20. Some warming of the earth will be beneficial because growing seasons for food crops will be enhanced.
21. The current atmospheric CO2 level is 385 ppm. Plants thrive at 1000 to 1200 ppm. At 385 ppm in the atmosphere, the CO2 level is close to a starvation level for plants. Increasing CO2 in the atmosphere will enhance crop yields.
22. Eliminating all man-made CO2 will have little or no impact on climate change.
23. Climate changes naturally as a result of many natural variables, such as solar activity, the rotation of the earth around the sun, the rotation of the earth around its axis, the tilt of the earth on its axis, and the wobble of the earth, the effect of El Niño and La Niña, and other natural variables.
24. More human suffering and death occurs during cold periods than warm periods.
25. The 97% consensus on global warming, claimed by President Obama, has been proven to be false.
26. Over 31,000 scientists in the U.S. have signed a petition rejecting the claims of anthropogenic climate change.
27. 50% of Nobel Prize winners in science rejected the AGW hypothesis by refusing to sign a statement acknowledging that AGW was true.
28. The U.N. has acknowledged that the earth has not warmed in over 18 years.
29. During the interglacial periods, the earth warmed to levels greater than it is now and with higher levels of CO2 than now, with positive results rather than devastation. This allowed for greater population dispersion as well as greater biological diversity in plant and animal life.

30. NASA used computer models to estimate temperatures for many decades past and then threw out the real measurement.
31. The United Nations has an agenda to use AGW as a tool to destroy capitalism and institute world socialism.
32. To think that man can alter the great forces of nature impacting climate is self-deceiving.