The media, especially CNN and Politico, have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find something with which to discredit Dr. Ben Carson.  They have not found hard evidence of a scandal, but they are spinning their lack of information as a negative for Dr. Carson, using innuendo to suggest that he is lying or trying to hide something.  CNN defends its actions by saying they are just “vetting” Dr. Carson as they would any other candidate.  But is that really what they are doing?  Why are they not spending that much time “vetting” Trump, Rubio, Fiorina, or Kasich?  The reason is that, given current poling data, these candidates,except for Trump, are not likely to win the GOP nomination.

Here is my take on the situation:  CNN and Politico, and the other liberal media, are, in fact, trying to take down Dr. Carson.  Here is why that is true:  Recent polls have indicated that in a head-to-head contest with Hillary Clinton, Dr. Carson would win and Donald Trump would lose.  Trump is still slightly edging out Carson in the GOP contest but they are in a statistical dead heat.  If Trump wins the nomination, they are not so concerned, but if Carson wins, it is problematic for Hillary.  Carson could come out the winner of the GOP nomination.  Given that the media are in love with Hillary, this presents a problem.  They do not want their anointed one to lose.  Therefore they must do what they can to take down Dr. Carson with hopes that Trump will win the GOP nomination but not be able to put together a winning campaign against Hillary.

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