I just finished reading an article by Todd Starnes of Fox News in which he spoke of a university in Seattle that removed the presentation of the colors and the pledge of allegiance from a Veteran’s Day event because of fears the ceremony would offend certain people in their student body.  Let me say that. as a Veteran who served this country for 20 years, I am very offended that this kind of thing occurs.  I am not ashamed of what our country has been or ashamed of our flag.

Why is it that offending small percentages of the population is taboo but offending large segments of the population is okay, just because those segments are either Christian or conservative?

The worship of political correctness is going further and further astray.  I am constantly reading stories about high schools that tell their students they cannot wear T-shirts with the American flag, or about apartment/condo residents told they cannot display an American Flag, etc.  This is the United States of America and we are Americans.  If people, living in this country and enjoying the freedoms our military have fought for, are offended by our flag, then they are free to leave and go somewhere else.  We should not fear offending them.

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