Liberals/progressives are notorious for their intolerance of opposing opinions.  They hate true debate.  I think that is because most of what they espouse is intellectually indefensible. A good example of that is my recent experience with a group called “the Christian left.”  The group is certainly left in their thinking but hardly Christian.  They relish in going out of their way to marginalize the more traditional Christian thought and practices.

The Christian Left has been making a number of posts on Facebook recently.  That is their right and Facebook is an open-forum medium with readers often given the right to respond to posts.  When I read posts on Facebook, which I oppose ideologically, I am compelled to respond and offer an alternative view.  I did just that on one such post.  The Christian Left, in this post, was making the assertion that companies have a moral obligation to pay a “living wage” to its employees.  My response was to say that the only moral obligation a company has in this regard is to pay the prevailing market rate for the skill level desired and that those who desire more pay than they can current command should take whatever measures are necessary to improve their skill set to command the higher wages.

Of course, my response invoked all sorts of name-calling directed my way, and some called for me to be banned from commenting on their posts.  Interestingly, no one on the forum could offer a reasonably logical justification to their premise that companies are morally obligated to pay a living wage.  The back and forth continued with me holding my ground, trying to explain the realities of the business world.  Eventually, The Christian Left, called me a Troll and banned me from commenting on the forum.  I appear to be banned from commenting on any post made by the Christian Left because none of their recent posts have a button for me to press in order to comment.

The Christian Left likes to make disparaging comments or posts about traditional Christians.  They relish in having like-minded people “like” their post or engage in glad-handing them, in their response, for being so perceptual.  They certainly do not like anyone offering alternative viewpoints, especially when those viewpoints have the strength of logic and common sense.  They not only dislike opposing viewpoints, but are intolerant of opposing viewpoints.  They wish only to wallow in their self-righteousness.

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