After the carnage in Oregon, we are again filled with the knee-jerk reactors calling for gun control.  The focus always seems to be on the guns rather than on the person who committed the act.  Yes, there is always the question of why? The talk of the shooter’s mental illness, or the signs that others should have seen.  But, the talk always comes back to a call for more gun control.

The problem is not guns, or the availability of guns.  Guns are inanimate things.  They do not have brains, arms, legs, hands, or feet.  A gun cannot, of its own accord, go out and shoot someone.  It takes human intent and action to pick up a gun, point it, and pull the trigger.

In my mind, the source of the problem goes back about five decades.  In my lifetime I have observed the deterioration of the family unit, the loss of ability to discipline children who misbehave, the disappearance of the value of life, and the deterioration of character-building in children.

Starting around the 1960s, liberals began inserting their views on how to raise and educate children.  Discipline in the home was virtually eliminated.  Swatting a child on the butt could get you jailed.  Schools quit holding back non-performers, giving social promotions rather than requiring students to learn.  Everyone got smiley faces on their papers.  When children misbehaved in school, they were not disciplined by their parents, but rather the parents stormed the school blaming their child’s misbehavior on the teacher.

In children’s sports, such as little league baseball, no one loses and everyone gets a trophy.  After all, we did not want to permanently damage a child’s psyche by causing them to experience losing or disappointment.  We allowed children to spend hour upon hour watching violent movies or playing violent video games.

The net result is that we raised generations of children who did not learn how to deal with losing or disappointment.  We raised generations of children who cannot accept responsibility for what they do wrong but, instead, blame others.  We  raised generations of children who learned that one deals with problems with violence.

We are reaping what has been sowed over the last five decades.

Banning guns will not stop the violence.  Those intent to do violent acts will either find a way to get guns, or use a different weapon, such as explosives, knives, baseball bats, claw hammers, crowbars, or frozen legs of lamb.

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