I am amazed at how quickly the liberal media will jump on something a conservative politician says and jump to conclusions without really understanding the words said.  An example of this is the recent interview in which GOP representative McCarthy made comments regarding the Benghazi committee with reference to Hillary Clinton’s decline in the polls.

The media were quick to conclude that McCarthy said that the committee was formed to take down Hillary.  However, when one examines the actual statement made by McCarthy, one will find that he did not say the committee was formed for the purpose of taking down Hillary.  What he said was that Hillary’s decline in the polls was a by-product of the the committee’s work.

Another example of the liberal media jumping to unwarranted conclusions is the situation with Dr. Ben Carson’s statement about not advocating putting a Muslim in the White House.  When Carson made that statement, the media immediately got their drawers in a knot and got into a frenzy about the constitution not allowing religion to be a qualifier for the Presidency.  Again, this was a knee-jerk misinterpretation of what Carson said.  Carson was making a personal statement based on what he knew of Islam.  He was not making an interpretation of the Constitution’s qualifiers for the Presidency.  Furthermore, there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits an individual voter from applying whatever litmus test he or she wishes to determine how he or she votes.

The reporting on what Donald Trump said about illegal immigrants was also out of place.  Trump did say that the 11 million illegals must go.  He never said he was going to send squads of police or troops into communities to smash down doors and haul families away kicking and screaming.  He never said he was going to deport American citizens, i.e. the anchor babies/children.  What Trump did say was that the process would be humane, and that it is assumed that when the illegal families left, they would take their children with them, even if those children were born in the U.S.

Regarding babies born in the U.S. being U.S. citizens if their parents are illegal aliens, the media are quick to mention that the Constitution says that babies born in the U.S. are citizens.  What the media forgets or ignores is the qualifier regarding that citizenship.  The Constitution says that babies born in the U.S. whose parents are subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. are citizens.  “Subject to the jurisdiction” is the qualifier.  Illegal aliens are still citizens of their home country, so they are subject to the jurisdiction of their home country, not of the U.S.  This qualifier will likely be the basis for challenging the status of the so-called anchor babies.

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