As much as I hate to say it, I think the time will come when we will have open warfare on the streets of the U.S. between Islamic militants/terrorists and American citizens. Consider the following: 1) Islamic militancy is growing throughout the world, not retreating as Obama wants us to think. 2) Our military is being cut back to a size not seen since World War II. 3) The movement to take away our right to bear arms is getting stronger, in spite of recent Supreme Court rulings. 4) Obama is doing nothing to secure our borders, but rather leaving gaping holes in the border, making it much easier for terrorists to come into our country. 5) While there seems to be a war against Christianity in America, Islam almost has a free reign to do what they want, under the first amendment. Islam is infiltrating our schools, our government, and law enforcement. More and more Americans are being radicalized in mosques here at home. 6) Obama’s foreign policy seems to favor Muslin extremists. Consider that he abandoned Mubarek of Egypt in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. He abandoned Iraq. The recent airstrikes against ISIL are only an ineffective token act to make it look like he is doing something. He strikes a few convoys but not the main bases of ISIL. He is in the process of abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban. Obama did nothing to help the insurgents in Syria, his delay allowing Islamic militants to fill the void. Obama did nothing to strengthen security in Benghazi, which allowed Al Queda militants to kill four Americans, and then blamed the attack on our embassy on a video that was offensive to Islam. 7) Obama’s policies have encouraged tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children to stream across our southern border. Not only will this weaken our economy by putting a tremendous strain our federal, state and local budgets but the children are also bringing in serious illness and diseases that could devastate our population. Add to that weakening of our healthcare system under Obamacare. 8) Obama appears to be ready to use his executive orders to implement an amnesty for illegal aliens, in spite of Congress. This will encourage more to violate our borders making it more difficult for border agents to halt the flow of illegals.

The signs are not good. Our President has taken us down a path of weakness and is projecting our weakness to the world. My friends, we must fight the liberal movement to take away our guns. We may need them when our military cannot defend us and our President won’t.

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