The left’s angst over the SCOTUS decision is a smoke screen for their real agenda. The issue is not about the rights of women to choose whether to use certain contraceptives that abort a fertilized egg. They still have that right. The left is not satisfied that women have the right to choose. They want more. They want to slap the face of those who morally oppose, on religious grounds, the use of certain contraceptives by making them pay for those contraceptives. Hobby Lobby is not trying to force their religious beliefs on its employees. All it is trying to do is to not be forced to violate their religious convictions by being forced, in a defacto manner, to encourage the use of morally objectionable contraceptives.

Obama, and the left, keep calling this a women’s health issue, as if being pregnant was equivalent to having cancer. Getting pregnant and being pregnant is not inherently unhealthy. Pregnancy and childbirth are a part of the natural reproductive function of women, not a disease to be prevented. Pregnancy becomes a health issue when the woman has a congenital defect in her skeletal structure or “plumbing” that would make carrying the child to full term to a natural delivery difficult or impossible, or if there were other underlying disease factors that would cause the pregnancy to be unhealthy for the mother.

The reality is that it is not so much a health issue as a convenience issue. Thanks to the left, pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex are no longer moral issues in our society. The push for the contraceptive mandate is so that people can be promiscuous without the inconvenience of getting pregnant, and have someone else pay for removing the inconvenience. The poster child of this issue is that college girl who testified to Congress bemoaning the fact that the cost of contraceptives was interfering with her social life.

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