What is wrong with society?

It seems like hardly a day goes by without news stories of children engaging in senseless violence.  Two twelve year old girls stab a friend 19 times in order to please a fictitious character called “slender man”.  A young man and his girl friend kill his grand parents for the inheritance.  Another young man begins random shooting near a university because he was angry at being rejected by girls he asked for dates.  Another young man, heavily armed, goes to an elementary school and opens fire killing 26 people, children and teachers.  Many on the left want to blame guns for the problem.  Guns are not the problem.   If guns are not available, it will be knives, screwdrivers, or baseball bats.  But, the problem, as I see it, is not the guns, but how our society has morphed into a society afraid to discipline children or teach morality, or even afraid to say “no.”

I do not wholly blame parents for inept child rearing. Society and government has made it very difficult to rear children. Discipline a child with physical pain and you face jail time. Two income families barely raise their children, but give them anything they want, out of guilt. Children do not know what the word “no” means anymore.   They do not know what it means to not make the little league team or the soccer team.  Then, when they get out into society, relatively on their own, they don’t know how to deal with “no”. They are being raised by nannies, day cares, and public schools and get their egos stroked no matter how well they perform.

When I was young, back talking to an adult, especially a teacher or other authority figure, was met with severe punishment. Doing things considered wrong was met with severe punishment. We learned that bad behavior had consequences. The only thing hurt was our butts. Our psyche was not irreparably damaged and we learned values. These days, a child misbehaves in school and draws discipline and the parents are all over the school threatening lawsuits. It is not the kids’ fault these days. Blame is always put on someone else.

The progressive movement in education began in the 60’s with a very permissive attitude. Let the children decide what they want to learn. They will be okay. Don’t hold children back a grade when they do not do well. After all, we do not want to damage them socially. On and on it went. It is no surprise that we are graduating kids from high school who do not know how to read, write and do math.
Pre-marital sex was once considered improper and “sinful.” Now, we think a college girl, who sleeps around so much that it is costing a fortune to keep her supplied in contraceptive drugs, is behaving normally and properly and that it is bad to deprive her of free contraceptives. To call her a “slut” is a worse offense. But that is what she would have been called in the 60s.

We do not want people waving flags to show patriotism because it might “offend” someone. Wearing a religious T-shirt saying “Jesus is the one” is called hate speech. Violence is glorified in video games and movies. It goes on and on. We cannot teach values, religious values, right and wrong, hold people accountable, etc., and then we wonder why a young man will go into a school and massacre 26 women and children.

We are reaping what has been sown.

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