There is a group called Christians Tired of being Misrepresented.  I feel compelled to comment on this group because I am tired of this group misrepresenting Christians.  First, I would say that while they profess to believe in Jesus as Savior, that is the only similarity they have with true Christians.  When one reads the groups statement of belief one finds that this group does not believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  They believe the Bible contains errors.  They believe there are many ways to God, not just one.  They believe in evolution.  They do not believe homosexuality is a sin.  And, somehow they feel compelled to state in their belief mantra that owning a gun is not a God given right.  It should be clear, from its statement of belief, that this group, while professing to be Christian, are far from being Christian.  I want to deal with each point of their beliefs individually.

First, they profess to believe in Jesus as Savior, but they ignore things he said, such as ” I am the way, the truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by me.”  This statement negates their belief that there are many ways to God, not just through Jesus Christ.

They say the Bible is not inerrant.  However, the books of the Bible that we have today have been accepted as Christian Holy Scripture since at least 200 A.D. and accepted as inerrant when it comes to faith and doctrine.  The process of accepting the writings into the canon was rigorous and is part of why the Bible has lasted intact all these years.  When they refuse to accept the Bible as the Word of God, they are trampling on centuries of Christian tradition and Christian faith.

This group has gone out of its way to mention homosexuality in their belief statement.  This leads me to believe that their nonacceptance of the Bible as the Word of God was for the purpose of validating gay behavior because the Scripture clearly states that homosexual sex is a sin in the eyes of God.  They cannot reconcile their belief that homosexual behavior is not sin if they believed in the Bible.

The belief in evolution seems to be a religion in itself.  I think people cling to evolution because they want to eliminate the idea of a supreme being to which they must be accountable.  I can understand how scientists can consider evolution because there are a lot of similarities and common genes among the vast variety of animal species.  Yes, within species we see permanent changes from mutations over time.  However, we still have not found anything that shows one species becoming another species.  We might have had dinosaurs with wings and feathers that were able to fly, but they were still not birds. They were dinosaurs.


Finally, I do not think that Christians anywhere believe it is a God given right to own guns in the sense that the right existed from the beginning. However, it is a God-given right in the sense that government is ordained by God and, our constitution, our government’s prime law, has given us the right to own and bear arms. So, through our government, it is a God-given right.

Our founding fathers believed that sometimes it may become necessary to form a militia to insure the security of a free state. It also realized that one cannot form an effective militia if the citizens from which that militia is formed are not armed. Therefore, the second amendment to the constitution guarantees us the freedom to keep and bear arms for our own defense and so that an armed citizenry would be available from which to form a militia when needed.

I am not certain as to why the group, Christians Tired of being Misrepresented, exists. If they are trying to pass themselves off as mainstream Christians, they are the ones doing the misrepresenting. Their beliefs are far from that of mainstream Christians. It may be they are just trying to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be Christian without having any of the moral requirements of being Christian.

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