Over the past few years I have written in a manner some have called “anti-Obama.” Some have even called me racist for being “anti-Obama.” But I am not anti Obama as much as I am anti what he stands for. Let me explain.

In my 72 years, I have seen many Presidents come and go. Some, I thought were worse than others, some considerably better than others. Jimmy Carter was among the worse. He brought us double digit inflation, gas lines, price controls, and the take-over of the U.S. Embassy in Iran. Of Jimmy Carter there are images of an indecisive president imprisoned in the Rose Garden by his own indecision. Under his foreign policy, the U.S. sank to new lows of world opinion as our allies could not be certain of U.S. support in a world crisis. As much of a disappointment as he was, Jimmy Carter did not scare me. I did not fear that our country would become less than the great country it was. Our political system was strong and the checks and balances worked. While Carter brought us economic uncertainty and weakened us on the world stage, he never came close to bringing us to ruin. When George Bush took us into war with Iraq, I did not fear where our country was headed.

Barrack Obama has brought a new reality to my thinking. For the first time in my 72 years, I am afraid of where our country is headed. A socialist Obama, with his Chicago-style politics combined with the San Francisco liberalism of Nancy Pelosi, and the liberalism of Harry Reid, are leading us down the road to socialism and a socialist dictatorship at a full gallop and it scares the h*** out of me. He has installed a wide array of socialists and communists in high office. Obama’s unelected czars have tremendous powers to regulate and control us. Obama is using his csars and executive order to work his will in spite of Congress. He is thwarting the laws that Congress has written, and created law when Congress has chosen not to act. And, no one in Congress is attempting to stop him. The bottom line is that the constitutional checks and balances have been set aside. Obama has used economic emergency as an excuse to take over a significant part of the auto industry and banking/finance industries. He is constantly trying to use class envy as an excuse to take from the rich in order to “spread the wealth around.” He is taking our national debt to unprecedented levels in order to promote his socialist agenda, and he has imposed universal healthcare as a means of creating a society more dependent on government than ever before.

I am truly afraid of where we are rapidly headed. Never in my imaginations past have I envisioned a United States of America modeled after the communist socialism of the likes of Hugo Chavez. The slim ray of hope has been the fact that some Democrats do not even like the way we are going and the fact that a majority of the country is beginning to rebel against the change Obama is bringing rather than the change he promised. But is it too little too late?

The fear of a socialist U.S. is still real, however, now that Obama and Harry Reid rammed the Obama healthcare bill down our throats. A bill that the majority of Americans do not want. A bill that will negatively impact a fifth of our economy for years to come and give the government unprecedented powers over us. Now that the bill is law, we are closer to a socialist state than ever before.
I recently saw a power point attachment that outlines the history of Argentina and how it eroded from being an economic power to a bankrupt nation in less than 100 years. The parallels between Argentina and the U.S. are not only striking but frightening. If you have not seen the power point presentation yet, I encourage you to take a look at it (see attached. Click on “Argentina above). It will open your eyes and will frighten you as well. Our demise, much like Argentina, is happening now, and Obama/Pelosi/Reid are bound and determined to hasten us down that road.

We cannot afford a wait and see strategy. We must be as active as we can to stop this runaway train. Be proactive by calling your Senator and representative. Call or email senators and reps in other states and districts. Go to town hall meetings held by your senator or house rep and be heard. Be vocal in your opposition. Support the TEA party movement. Do whatever you can to let those in Congress know that Obamacare should be repealed and Cap and Trade should not be passed. Neither are in our best interests. Obama is now setting his sights on passing sweeping legislation to give him more control over financial institutions. There is talk of having the internet classified as a phone system so the internet content can be controlled by the government. There has been talk about trying to reinstate the “fairness doctrine” so that conservative talk radio can be muzzled. On energy, Obama wants to ration energy in order to spread the wealth. He is talking about forcing companies who participate in academic internships to pay wages to the interns. The intent is another “spread the wealth around” concept. He believes poor students cannot afford to take unpaid internships. This “spread the wealth around” mentality is accomplishing several things. It is concentrating power in the hands of the executive branch of government. It is a movement toward a socialistic form of governing. And, it is bringing about a form of dictatorsip of the executive branch.

We need to make certain that the next elections send a clear message that we expect our elected officials to listen to us or they will be out on their ears. Obamacare has passed, so we need to make certain that we elect officials that will repeal Obamacare before irrepairable harm is done. We need Congress to pass laws that restrict the number and power of the czars the President appoints. We need Congress and the courts to stop the power grab by Obama and his czars. Stand up and be counted.

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