I just read an article by a Washington Post columnist that was praising President Obama for transforming our nation with all the great things he has done. I could not disagree with the writer more. President Obama has taken us down a much different path than the way we use to go…..the wrong path. Here is why:

– Our foreign policy is in a shambles. Where we use to have the respect of our traditional enemies, such as Russia, Obama has gained disrespect. Our allies distrust and disrespect Obama. Four Americans died in Benghazi while the President slept. We have lost an ally in Egypt by supporting the wrong movement. Iran continues to move toward nuclear capability.

– Our energy policy is in a shambles. The President is clearly trying to run the coal companies out of business with the edicts of his EPA appointee. The President refuses to move forward with the Keystone Pipeline and limits other development of oil production capability. Wind farms are killing Bald Eagles at an alarming rate, and solar businesses supported by the President are going broke. We are not ready yet for alternative energy sources to provide the bulk of our energy needs yet the President is drastically reducing our energy capability. He wants us to have higher energy and fuel bills and his policies are leading us to just that. He even stated once that he feels we should be paying at least $5 a gallon for gasoline.

– Our healthcare system is on its way to being ruined by the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Liberals brag that it is working because 7 million Americans have signed up. What is not said is that only about 60% of those have paid the premium and most of those who signed up are older folks who will be draining the benefit pool rather than being the healthy young people who would are needed to contribute to the benefit pool in great numbers to make Obamacare work. What is not said is that those not getting government subsidies are seeing their monthly premiums triple and their deductibles go to $5000 or more. That means that the insured will pay over $5000 out-of-pocket before the insurance pays anything and, over a year’s time, will pay over $10,000 out of pocket for a small amount of protection. Insurance payment to providers is being cut so much that many providers are leaving the profession or are refusing to take patients insured by Medicare or Obamacare. We are already seeing medicine being “rationed” because people, previously uninsured, are flooding the offices of medical providers requiring the providers to spend less time per patient. The Obamacare medical panels will make life and death decisions regarding what treatments to allow, and will use a cost benefit analysis in that decision making process. In other words, if it is deemed that you will not live long enough to make a procedure worth the price, you will be denied.

– The Federal Budget process is in a shambles. We have not had a budget during this presidency. The national debt has increased more under Obama than during all previous presidencies combined. Out-of-control spending is rapidly taking us to the point of bankruptcy as a nation. Yet the President and his cronies are unwilling to do what is necessary to get it under control. The President and his family take lavishly expensive vacations several times a year without regard to the cost to taxpayers. They want to live like royalty while they can.

– Our economy is in a shambles. There is evidence that it may be rebounding slightly but that is more attributable to the nature of capitalism than the policies of the President. Capitalism wins over socialism every time. But still, there are more people in poverty and on the welfare roles today than there were when Obama took office. Businesses are hiring less, laying off more, and holding down hours worked just to stay below the threshold of Obamacare mandates. Policies regarding coal production and use are threatening to shut down an entire industry. People are out of work and those that are finding new jobs are finding jobs at much less pay than they use to have. Obama consistently tries to wage war on the wealthy. He tries to punish the wealthy for their success and reward the poor for not working. Unemployment benefits were extended several times. But, that only encourages those on unemployment to stay there.

– The President is waging war on babies. Abortion has taken a front and center position in the President’s policies. His Affordable Care Act is forcing Christians to provide abortions in the insurance policies for employees when it is against their religious beliefs to do so.

– The President seems to be waging war on Christians. It began in a speech in which he said we are not a Christian nation and then began to list the contributions of Islam. The military are being told to remove Christian symbols from their buildings. Chaplains are being told not to pray “in Jesus name.” Fox News’

Todd Starnes wrote:

Over the past few years, I’ve documented hundreds of instances of religious persecution in the United States. And the targets have been exclusively Christians.
The military labeled evangelical Christians and Catholics as religious extremists. Christian organizations like Family Research Council and American Family Association were labeled by the military as domestic hate groups. Bibles were briefly banned from Walter Reed Medical Center.
The Internal Revenue Service targeted Christian ministries engaged in pro-life activities. The government demanded to know the content of one group’s prayers. A Wyoming church was ordered by government officials to turn over their membership roles. A Baptist newspaper in North Carolina was audited – as was America’s evangelist, Billy Graham.
The list of attacks on Christians goes on and on – from students ordered to stop praying in front of the Supreme Court to chaplains being told they could no longer pray in the name of Jesus.
In recent days, the battleground has pitted gay rights groups against Christian-owned businesses that cater to the wedding industry. Christian bakers, florists and photographers have been hauled into court and brought up on state discrimination charges for declining to participate in same-sex weddings.
And in every single instance, lower courts have ruled that gay rights trump religious rights.

– The checks and balances under our Constitution are in a shambles under Obama. President Obama has open disdain for Congress and the Supreme Court. He openly criticized the Supreme Court during a State of the Union address. Obama openly said he would go around Congress to do what he wanted. Obama, with his executive orders, openly violates the laws the Congress has passed. The Affordable Care Act is a good example. The President has granted exceptions to the law as HE sees fit, essentially illegally changing the law.

– The President is trying to set himself up as a dictator. This seems like an extreme statement. However, consider that he has been trying to get the ability to shut down conservative talk on the internet with the “net neutrality” legislation being promoted in Congress. Through executive order, Obama has given himself the power to seize and control all sources of production, transportation and communication in times of national emergency. What constitutes a national emergency can be determined by the President. Recently, a number of reporters have been targeted for investigation by the administration and one reporter’s home was raided and computers seized. The IRS, under an Obama appointee, targeted conservative groups for much tighter scrutiny when they applied for tax exempt status. Obama’s attorney general, HHS secretary, and IRS appointee have refused to cooperate with Congressional investigations. Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government workers will have electronic access to Americans’ financial accounts, personnel records, and medical records. Under the ACA, a federal medical review panel will decide whether or not you can get certain costly procedures that were recommended by your doctor. These are the “death panels” of which Sarah Palin spoke. The federal government wants to control how much salt you can get in your food, how much sugar you can get in food, the menu for your child’s school lunch, how much corporate CEOs can get paid, whether academic interns should get paid, etc. In other words, the federal government wants to be in more control of our personal lives.
I can go on and on, but you get the idea.

I hardly recognize America as the country in which I was raised as a boy. If it keeps going the way this President wants it to go, I will not recognize it in a few years. Unfortunately, my children and grandchildren may live in a much different America. Its not an America I would wish for them.

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