As my first attempt at blogging, I am finding it difficult to decide what to write.  I find that responding to someone else’s thoughts in the spirit of debate is much easier to do.

First, I will state that my viewpoints are definitely right of center.  I find that those who call themselves progressive have misnamed themselves because their ideology is anything but progressive.  It was progress when our founding fathers guaranteed freedom of speech in the first amendment to the constitution.  “Progressives” would limit speech, and ideas, to only that which fits their concept of “politically correct.”  That is not progressive but regressive, harkening back to a time, or a culture, when speaking ones mind could land you in jail.  A good example of what I am talking about is the recent flap concerning Donald Sterling and his racist comments.  While I do not support his comments and viewpoints and believe his comments are definitely racist, I support his right to be obnoxious and offensive.  The facts are that he made these comments in a private conversation that was illegally recorded without his knowledge and then made public by the person who made the recording. I find it more offensive that someone, who allegedly had a relationship with Mr. Sterling, would take advantage of that relationship and secretly record conversations to release for public consumption. The media and “progressives” have literally come unhinged over this and want to ban him from Clippers games for life, fine him several million dollars, and take away his property, i.e. ownership of the team.  As offensive as his comments were, do they really rise to the level that warrants the punishment being demanded by the politically correct police?  I do not think so.  After all, this was a private conversation, not intended for public consumption.  He was not shouting obscenities from the roof top.

Look what happened to Paula Deen.  When she admitted she used the “N” word many years ago, again the media and progressives became unhinged.  Paula suffered tremendous economic loss as a result of telling the truth in an interview.  She lost her TV shows on FoodNetwork, she lost sponsors, she lost book sales, she lost other contracts.  Again, should what happened 40 years ago warrant the penalty she suffered?  Again, I think not, especially since there is no evidence of racism or racist behavior in her recent history.  But, she was not politically correct, and her free speech was not so free.

Another recent story in the news serves, again, to highlight how political correctness is ruining our intellectual dialogue.  I am referring to the issue of Condolezza Rice’s scheduled speech at an ivy league graduation ceremony.  Those that opposed her ideas and political positions came unhinged and threw a hissy fit such that Ms. Rice graciously declined to speak so that her presence would not be a detraction from the graduations.  Again, progressives will do what they can to suppress the free speech of those they oppose ideologically.  That is not the America designed by our constitution.  That is not the America in which I was raised.

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